Hayati Pro Series: Hayati Pro Max 4000 vs. Hayati Ultra 15000

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Hayati Pro Series: Hayati Pro Max 4000 vs. Hayati Ultra 15000

Hayati has positioned itself within the ever-changing world of vaping by innovating to meet whatever your vaping needs might be. The Hayati Pro series—Hayati Pro Max 4000 and Hayati Ultra 15000—tells this story of dedication to excellence. So, in this article, we take a closer look at the features, benefits, and differences of these two outstanding vape devices.

Hayati Pro Max 4000: Compact Powerhouse

The Hayati Pro Max 4000 is evidence of Hayati’s commitment to the portable and mighty vape device. It is very compact, measuring only 28*28*120mm, and incredibly light, making it a great choice for vapers on the go. It is equipped with a terrific 4000 puffs, hence allowing users to go a long time without needing to refill their device or recharge the battery.

One prominent feature of this device is the fact that it comes already pre-filled with a tank capacity of 10 ml. This means that users will enjoy longer use between refills, and the vaping experience is a lot smoother. It is fitted with innovative mesh coil technology that is responsible for enhancing flavour delivery and vapour production—every puff is a rich and satisfying vape.

The battery of 1400mAh is strong and can assure long-run performance that matches the puff count of the device, and the user can vape all through the day without worrying about its battery life.

The Pro Max 4000's design is based on convenience and ease of use. Additionally, it’s super portable, lightweight, and ideal for stealth vaping, so the user can slip it into a pocket or bag. This has made it a favourite among those who value both the performance and practicality of a vaping device.

Hayati Ultra 15000: The Ultimate Vaping Experience

Any vaper looking for a high-end vape experience will be satisfied with the Hayati Pro Ultra 15000. This device, measuring 50*25*105mm, is just a tad larger but comes with tons of advanced features that set it in a class by itself. Now, get a whopping 15000+ puffs in this high-capacity vape device made for heavy vapers who need more from their devices.

The Ultra 15000 comes with a large 850mAh rechargeable battery, which supports its extensive puff count and guarantees continuous performance. The battery’s side charging design makes recharging the device easy and convenient. Dual 12ml e-liquid tanks provide a combined capacity of 24ml, significantly reducing the frequency of refills and allowing users to enjoy their favourite flavours for longer.

A unique feature of the Ultra 15000 is the visual display screen it has. This feature permits users to monitor their usage and the life of the battery at a glance, giving them an extra layer of user-friendliness and control. 1-ohm mesh coil technology delivers exceptional flavour and vapour production for each puff, making it rich and satisfying. Also, the device offers switchable mouthpieces and duo independent e-liquid tanks for users who want to diversify their vaping experience by their choice. Hence, the 35 flavour options ensure that this vape gives a versatile and complete understanding.

Comparing the Titans: Pro Max 4000 vs. Ultra 15000


One clear difference between the two units is that the Hayati Pro Max 4000 is suited for customers who are looking for portability and convenience. However, its compact size and 4000 puffs offer a vaper on the go, the perfect light and easy-to-carry option for casual vapers who have a stress-free lifestyle.


On the other hand, the Ultra 15000 targets vapers looking for robust and feature-rich vaporization. The high puff count, the two e-liquid tanks, the rechargeable battery, and the visual display screen make this a premium product. It is ideal for heavy vapers who need a device to keep up with their high demand and give them an enormous array of choices.

Both units utilize Hayati’s innovation in mesh coil technology to ensure that users get the best flavour and vapours. The 1-ohm coil of the Ultra 15000, plus features like the visual display screen and switchable mouthpiece, set it apart on an entirely different level from the Pro Max 4000.

Design and Build Quality


The Hayati Pro Max 4000 has a sleek, compact design that complements its stylish yet functional form. It is compact and lightweight, and it has become one of the favourite gadgets for vape users on the go. Thus, the device exudes a quality build, making it feel sturdy in one’s hand.

The Hayati Ultra 15000 Is more extensive but still keeps its attractive and modern-looking design. The device is reassuring in the hand, built tough and of superior quality; it looks and feels premium. It is still comfortable in the hand, quite pleasing to use, and designed with user comfort and convenience in mind.

Performance and Vapor Production


Innovative mesh coil technology helps such devices show remarkable performance. Similarly, the Pro Max 4000 vape is smooth and flavorful, with constant vapour production. The 1400mAh battery is enough for long-lasting vaping sessions and a satisfying experience in every puff.

The Ultra 15000 takes the next step forward in terms of performance with a higher puff count and advanced features. Furthermore, the 850mAh battery and 1-ohm mesh coil deliver massive flavour and dense vapour clouds. Dual e-liquid tanks allow easy switching between flavors, which adds to this device’s versatility.

User Experience and Convenience

Both excel in user experience in their ways. The Pro Max 4000 is simplistic and linear in its design, with no problematic settings or controls to worry about. Thus, for those vapers who prefer a no-fuss experience, this is perfectly fine.

The Ultra 15000, however, offers a very different experience in terms of customization—things like the visual display screen and switchable mouthpiece permit users to change their vaping experience according to their preferences, providing an unparalleled level of personalization.

Price and Value

However, in terms of price, the Pro Max 4000 is the more affordable option. It’s of great value considering the reliability and enjoyment it provides in a vape at that reasonable price.

The Ultra 15000 Is more expensive but has more premium features and a much higher puff count. Therefore, it is a great value for money if one insists on the best performance and the most features.

Some concise points comparing the Hayati Pro Series: Hayati Pro Max 4000 to the Hayati Ultra 15000 read:

Hayati Pro Max 4000:

  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability.
  • 4000+ puffs for prolonged enjoyment without frequent refills.
  • 10ml pre-filled tank capacity for fewer interruptions.
  • Innovative mesh coil technology for enhanced flavour.
  • 1400mAh built-in battery for long-lasting performance.

Hayati Ultra 15000:

  • Larger size with advanced features for a premium vaping experience.
  • 15000+ puffs for heavy vapers.
  • 850mAh rechargeable battery with side charging for convenience.
  • Dual 12ml e-liquid tanks for extended use.
  • Visual display screen and switchable mouthpiece for customization.


The Hayati Pro series is one of the pivotal collections of the brand, which says something about the innovation and quality put into this industry. Moreover, the Pro Max 4000 and the Ultra 15000 both have their strengths, targeting different needs and preferences. Whether you are a casual vaper looking for a portable and reliable vape or a veteran vaper looking for a high-capacity, feature-rich experience, Hayati has one for you. As the technology of vaping continues to evolve, Hayati is correct at the leading edge. Hence, it’s offering vapes that combine all ease of use, performance, and the latest features.


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