What's New in Crystal Pro Max Collection?

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What's New in Crystal Pro Max Collection?

The demand for vape devices has increased because many users have joined the e-liquid market. Due to this, numerous brands offer several devices that have different capacities in puff, e-liquid, and battery. Among these brands, the Crystal brand is known for its innovation and commitment. This brand fulfils its promise and presents an innovative collection that meets the modern user's requirements. In the Crystal Pro Max collection, Crystal Pro Max 15000 and Crystal Pro Max +10000 are the highest-proof disposable vape devices of brand commitment. These devices offer every essential feature that plays a vital role in making the vaper's vaping life hassle-free. In this write-up, you will learn about the Crystal Pro Max collection.

Overview of Top Crystal Pro Max Collection

The Crystal Pro Max vapes are top-rated all over the world. The reason is that it has a stunning crystal appearance that appeals to numerous vapers. Both models are portable, making it an excellent choice for frequent wanderers. Due to its accessible features, vape enthusiast can enjoy their vaping daily. In addition, these devices cater to various preferences and needs, making a versatile option. The performance and quality of these disposable vapes are outstanding. The Crystal Pro Max's flavours not only leave their taste but also feel fresh the whole day. It gives a satisfying and enjoyable experience. Moreover, to maintain its place in this disposable vape market, this brand presents new inventions in Crystal products.

Here is the list:

  • Crystal Pro Max 15000
  • Crystal Pro Max +10000

Now, we will discover the Crystal Pro Max collection below in detail.

WGA Crystal Pro Max Extra 15000

The WGA Crystal Pro Max Extra 15000 is the new disposable vape in the Crystal Pro Max collection. It gives the next-level experience with its specifications and flavours. Those vapers who want the more extended puffing device must try this vape. Consequently, its remarkable puff capacity makes this disposable vape cost-effective and best for budget-conscious vapers. Whether you take the first puff or the last, it always keeps quality good and delivers effective performance. It also boosts your puffing seasons. However, the portable, compact and lightweight design of this device is excellent for every type of user.

Specifications of WGA Crystal Pro Max Extra 15000

Here, we will see the noteworthy features of Crystal Pro Max 15000 briefly.

E-Liquid Capacity:

The e-liquid pod of this device is filled with 25ml e-liquid capacity. This e-liquid pod is never refillable, which means after the e-liquid drains, you will dispose of it responsibly.  It diminishes the hassle of refilling or continues replacing the device with a new one. It is the best device for those who have never liked refilling devices.


The device is powered by a solid 650mAh battery, providing a reliable and enduring power source. Vapers can enjoy longer inhaling without the hassle of recharging. Additionally, regular and seasoned voyagers can rely on this device. This battery supplies power all day long and makes your experience even more comfortable.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery:

The built-in rechargeable battery is a significant feature of this vape. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, you can operate it many times and save your money for a longer time.

Charging Port:

It comes with an advanced charging port that is Type-C. It allows for fast and efficient charging. Furthermore, this Type-C port increases the charging speed and makes sure you can start your vaping again with a minimal wait. It is best for those users who value fast and hassle-free charging. Moreover, it is a modern technology that simplifies the charging process.

Battery and E-Liquid Monitoring Display:

This feature provides real-time monitoring of battery and e-liquid levels. It confirms that users always stay informed about the status of their devices. It increases the overall user experience.

Glass Screen:

The Crystal Pro Max 15000 has a glass screen that increases the overall aesthetic of the device and provides an attractive and classy appearance.

Accessible Functionality:

Apart from all the above features, it also has more convenient features like a draw-activation system and mouth-to-lung vaping. This feature is best for beginners and for those who like smoking-like inhalations.

Crystal Pro Max +10000

The Crystal Pro Max +10000 is an unmatched disposable vape that has impeccable features. This device always provides a high-quality vape until the last puff and the mesh coil makes the device's e-liquid premium. It also confirms that the device always delivers flavourful puffs and big and dense vapour clouds. Furthermore, this device gives 10k+ inhalations and longer sessions before replacement. It is the best choice for users who prefer to avoid purchasing new devices frequently. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vaper, you can easily use this device continuously. Moreover, this e-liquid device is effortless and is easily adjusted according to the user's lifestyle.

Characteristics of Crystal Pro Max +10000

Now, we will see the characteristics that set it apart from the other Crystal Pro Max collections.

Prefilled E-Liquid:

For those who prefer longer vaping, this disposable vaporizer features a generous e-juice capacity. The large e-liquid allows users to enjoy their favourite flavours longer. In addition, its prefilled e-liquid makes the device ready to use, which means without any time wasting, you can use it.


The 850mAh battery capacity offers longevity. Its extended battery life gives the most prolonged vaping and allows you to indulge in your favourite e-juice. It confirms that you always get a continuous and flavourful vapour experience.

Rechargeable Battery:

This vape has a rechargeable battery, making it best for economical vapers. The rechargeable vape is best for the environment because it can decrease the packaging, waste, and trouble of buying extra batteries.

Charging Port:

Unlike traditional charging methods, the Type-C charging port charges the device within 30 minutes. Due to this, users can face less downtime. This reversible port makes the charging process safe and reduces the stress of wrong plugging.

Crystal Clear Shell Design:

The crystal-clear shell design gives a modern look. This stylish appearance sets it apart. It's an aesthetically pleasing option for users. Furthermore, the sleek chassis of the device adds style to its portability.


The Crystal Pro Max 10000+ is designed with the user in mind and contains many intuitive features to help with usability. Additionally, with its inhale-activated, you never need to press any button or settings. Inhale and enjoy the puff. This is best for beginners who want simple devices.

Last Words:

In conclusion, the Crystal Pro Max collection offers two intuitive devices with advanced and up-to-date features. Both devices provide the longest puffing with a rechargeable battery and generous e-liquid amount. Whether you use the Crystal Pro Max 15000 or Crystal Pro Max 10000+, both vapes have the highest quality and deliver consistent performance. So, you must try these devices today and find your perfect match.


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